California Library Association PRExcellence Award Winner 2016

South San Francisco Public Library’s promotion “Rad American Women A-Z: The Countdown to Rad,” has been selected as the winner in the “Less than $5 Million: Event or Campaign.” category by theCalifornia Library Association‘s PRExcellence Awards Committee. The  library was chosen based on their creative use of social media and online connecting with other local organizations.

The PRExcellence Awards honor the highest quality efforts of California libraries in promoting and communicating their message to their customers. The library’s campaign will be featured in a special panel session, called “Become a Marketing Superstar,” featuring this and other  PRExcellence Award projects. Librarian Anissa Malady  will discuss the project to an audience of fellow librarians and conference attendees.

California Library Association PRExcellance  Award 2016 submission

Rad American Women A-Z: The Countdown to Rad

On June 16th, 2015 the South San Francisco Public Library was fortunate to have the opportunity to host Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl, author and illustrator respectively of  Rad American Women A-Z Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries Who Shaped Our History…and Our Future! This New York Times bestselling book for kids of all ages documents America’s famed and unsung heroines. Rad American Women A-Z is a traditional A-Z  primer, but instead of A is for Apple, in this book A is for Angela Davis, B is for Billie Jean King, C is for Carol Burnett,  D is for Dolores Huerta, and E is for Ella Baker. The women featured include Civil Rights fighters, poets, singers, doctors, scientists, farmers, and many more important female figures. This book is an empowering primer for all genders and all ages.  

Our social media campaign consisted of a 26 day countdown to the appearance of author, Kate   Schatz and illustrator, Miriam Klein. Our countdown started with A for Angela Davis and ended on the day of the program with Z for Zora Neale Hurston. Each day leading up to the event we posted on one or all of our social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the image and information about the Rad Woman of the day, and linked back to our library holdings and other information related to that day’s person.  One of our most successful days in the “Countdown to Rad campaign,” was E is for Ella Baker, which we connected and linked to the Ella Baker Center in Oakland. We were able to let people know not only about our collection of material about the brilliant, black hero of the civil rights movement, Ella Baker, but also about the great work the Ella Baker Center is doing in our neighboring city of Oakland. The Ella Baker center strives to work locally, statewide, and nationally to end mass incarceration and criminalization by mobilizing everyday people to build power and prosperity in their communities, and it was our pleasure to help spread the word about their work.

The goal of our project was to promote the Rad American Women A-Z program, to promote our library system’s material holdings, to promote the author and artist, to reach community partners, and most significantly to highlight these important famous women while empowering women of all ages to be rad and radical. Our Countdown to Rad campaign was intended to reach our social media followers, community partners and organizations, and individuals who are featured in the book. Our success was measured by how many connections, comments, likes, and reblogs or retweets we received. Our largest connection was with the Ella Baker Center and their 14.1K Twitter followers. It resulted in many retweets and a lasting connection with the organization and their followers.

FaceBook  : Ursula Le Guin

FaceBook : Patti Smith

Twitter : #RadWomen



Social Media Posts as a Library Representative

My personal thought on posting to social media as library representative…

Facebook, you should post 3-4 times a day spaced out, including a post in the evening hours. Do not make your images too big, 430X430 px or smaller.

Twitter, you cannot really go wrong here, unless you do not post at all. Post often, post regularly, and lastly- interact. I post at least twice a day and sometimes even 5-7 times a day.

Instagram and Tumblr these models of social media are all about image content rather than text. Visually it should inspire,  provoke thought, generate laughter, or start a  conversation. Post when you feel it.  Link it back to what we do, and link it back to our collection, programming and all around library mission.

Social Media is just another form of patron outreach, used to promote news and updates about your Library programs and services. It can also be used to promote life long learning, and the enjoyment of reading, culture, and the arts.  Again, each post should be related to your library services, program, collections and community.

I often use the statement at the end of Tweets or FB posts,

To find out more about,_________, visit your local library.

and include a link to the holdings in our collection.

Social Media is also a way to partner, collaborate and have a conversation  about what you do, what you want to do,  and a way to partner with those who want to do the same. Pay attention to what others are doing with social media, reach out, and do not be afraid to emulate, we are all on the same mission!

When I am low on inspiration  I turn to these sites…

this is an ever changing list, and should include your regional location

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and not so ever changing…

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