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Dec 5 at 7:30pm 

Dear Friends and Perverts and Perverted Friends from all fissures of the identity spectrum.

by rosey lakos

As some of you already know, The Center for Sex & Culture will be relocating this winter. All across the Mid-Market section of SOMA, SF rents have tripled (or the buildings have mysteriously caught on fire).  This is all in direct correlation to the tech-boom. When we first took over this location we envisioned a secure place with longevity, then the tech-workers moved in- Twitter , followed by Square, Uber and Dolby. Of course there needs to be space built to house and feed these overpaid tech workers. In our corner of Mid-Market space we saw 3 massive city corner blocks bulldozed over to build ugly, insanely overpriced, dorms, markets, and specialized food courts. All this construction displaced communities that were already at risk and in threat of displacement- homeless, nonprofits, and arts organizations.

Our displacement, like many of our nonprofit neighbors, has forced us to reevaluate, restructure, and reimagine what CSC will become in the future. We have had many community discussion, input, meetings with the board and key staff members, as well as working with the city to determine possible relocation options. The good news, CSC Library & Archive work will continue during our closure, you can’t keep the best lil’ sex library down. We have some exciting projects underway, and are looking forward to partnering with other great organizations. We have an amazing collection of print, journals, zines, rare pulp and and extremely important archive. Freeing the information, and access for all takes time, money, and dedicated people.

Alas, we have decided what we want most is to spend time celebrating the last five years of friendship, sexiness, community and irreverence under the roof of CSC and the building we’ve inhabited on 1349 Mission St in SOMA, where so many of us have gathered in big and small groups to do all sorts of things both vertically and horizontally.
So we’re having a par-tay on DECEMBER 5TH!

Before the holidays and before we begin to pack, we’d love nothing more than to have you come and hang out with us one last time in our perverted library, gallery, and archive.

Drinks, snacks, music, and good people!


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We Want You  The American Library Association’s 2015 Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco June 25th-30th, yes the same weekend as PRIDE! It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend. The Library, Archive and Gallery have many things planned for the long weekend, but we need your help.

On Thursday June 25th the ALA Think Tank Pre-Party will be a fundraiser for the Center for Sex and Culture Archival Library and sponsored by and EveryLibrary. All proceeds will go to support this rare archive and important social educational center.

We need help on the following days to prep for the ALA Pre-party, and so that we may host library, archive, gallery open hours during ALA/PRIDE weekend:

Sat., 6/13 – Gallery Archive Show Prep: you will be assisting gallery and space prep for a CSC archival display, this is an early shift- 9am -1pm.

Tue., 6/13 – Library work Day: you will be assisting in library, archive, gallery pre-party prep and ALA/Pride Open Hours. Continue reading “WE WANT YOU!”

Radical Cataloging

What a great find I came across today-a document by Sanford Berman, the father of Radical Cataloging,  mixed within a book donation at the CSC Library. The document is a petition dated from April 9, 1993 addressed to the Office of Subject Cataloging Policy at The Library of Congress, concerning the issues and difficulties of  users finding “sexual” subject matter in the library.  The direct purpose of the petition is a demand for “catalog reform.”

The petition also calls for an immediate creation of  “essential” sex related descriptors. It is interesting to see how in the twenty years since this documents creation how some of the suggested descriptors need changing and how new ones need to be created.

Berman wrote about biases in the LC subject heading in Prejudices and Antipathies, originally written in 1971 with a reprint in 1993.  In the piece Berman details alternative headings for those biased LC headings- including topics such as Race, Faith, Politics, Labor, Man, Woman and, of course, Sex.

For more information about Berman and  changes made, and not made, in the LC Subject Heads since the publishing of Prejudices and Antipathies, check out Steven A. Knowlton’s, Three Decades Since Prejudices and Antipathies: A Study of Changes in the Library of Congress Subject Headings. The essay tracks changes that have been made and hits on areas of bias that still exist within the LC system.



The CSC Library & Archive at the 3rd Annual EBABZ Fest


image by Eric Drooker

I am so looking forward to this! Not only do we get to present and promote alternative literature and the CSC’s Libraries amazing zine collection– a fucking rock star art hero of mine will be there showing new works and performing– Eric Drooker!!

The Center for Sex and Culture Library & Archive at the 3rd Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest

December 8th, 2012 · 10am – 5pm

Berkeley City College: 2050 Center St. Berkeley, CA

The CSC’s librarian- Anissa Malady and interning archivist- Tess McCarthy will be appearing at EBABZ 2012. We will be highlighting the CSC libraries zine holdings, discussing planned preservation and digitization of the collection, as well as to promoting our Spring zine showcase and workshop-  Bookish Beasts, coming to the

CSC April 14th, 2013.

More info to come!

East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest:

Official Site | Tumblr | Facebook Event

About the Center for Sex and Culture Library and Archive:
The Center for Sex & Culture Library and Archive was born from, and is sustained by, donated collections of books, magazines, journals, zines, comics, dissertations, works of art, videos, memorabilia, and the personal papers of key members of the community. It is being cataloged by a teateam of dedicated volunteers and interns, under the supervision of Anissa Malady, MLIS.

photo by Tsurufoto- NUDIEZINES