Ode to San Francisco

There is shelter in place wall space everywhere. Much of SF is still boarded up, and wheat-pasters have hit the streets and taken over, it’s fucking fantastic. There is art everywhere.

My SF memories feature the Lakeview neighborhood, a historic F Market train, the Center for Sex & Culture and their founders Dr. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence–– along with books from their now closed library, a beautiful Frida outside El Rio, Karl the Fog, Mediation Man outside of SF Public Library (I probably have about 50 shots of this person), my favorite wall in the Mission at Templo De La Fe Asamblea, The Green Door massage, and NEKST graffiti on a crane at historic Pier 70 from around late 2012- most of which has been demolished to create Mission Bay.

Above are photos which remind of why I love San Francisco. Below are other folks wheat-pasted memories, arty, PSA’s–– also reminding me why I love San Francisco. Featuring Kaytea Petro with her rendering of Brownie MaryVividTrash, Listikki/The Manimal Project, the USBG, TheDripUp and  community history organization Open SF History with a stapled flyer with QR code leading to the historic background of the building––Yoga Tree used to be a church.

Featured image is Needles & Pens.

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