FEVER: Documenting the Human Sexual Experience

The Center for Sex and Culture Gallery is pleased to present FEVER: Documenting the Human Sexual Experience – a group photography exhibition of emerging and established national and local artists featuring the erotic and transgressive documentation of human sexuality. Participating artists include:  Aeric Meredith-Goujon,  Blair Conner,  Chas Ray Krider,  Cheyne Truitt,  Chip Willis,  Christopher Cooper / Coop,  Dani Berkov-Hopkins / Isley-Quinn Photography,  Ellen Stagg,  Isabel Dresler,  Jovannie Savinovich / J. Noxious,  Kenneth Nicholas,  Melvin Moten / Kentsoul,  Kevin Loreaux,  Mikey McMichaels,  Moss Von Faustenberg,  Most Exalted,  Rachel Schwebach,  The Dirty Gentleman, and Tiana Marie and Corey Graham.  Guest curator Anissa Malady, MLIS.

The Exhibition :

The role of an archive lies in the commitment to finding and preserving the record of the human experience. FEVER showcases a group of modern photographers documenting the human sexual experience. Additionally, FEVER asks both how the work is shared and viewed, and also explores the question of potential longevity and archival preservation of this type of artwork.

FEVER derives its name and concepts from the book, Archive Fever by Jacques Derrida, which argues that while an archive is a public realm, it is also a repository of the private and personal, including the intimate. Published in 1996, Archive Fever also examines the role technology has played in transforming the entire public and private space of humanity.

Center for Sex and Culture                                                                                                              1349 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94013

FEVER FB 2.png

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