Pride Day Open House: Library Book Sale & Fairoaks Project Closing Reception

June 30th 1-4

CSC Library: 2nd Annual Book Sale!


The CSC is proud to announce our 2nd Annual  Library Book Sale/Open House.  The 2nd Annual Book Sale will feature even more rare finds and wonderful smutty treasures than our first! Up for purchase  will be all the items from our online Alibirs Bookstore, duplicates of rare magazines and serials important to the LGBTIQA community, plus items such as, Heavy Metal, Penthouse, Playboy, erotic literature, art and photography, and much much more! All prices will be negotiable and proceeds will directly benefit the CSC Library & Archive.

Please stop in on Pride Day to enjoy the library, the art and being with great, smart, creative people at the Center for Sex and Culture– your lil’ local sex community center.

The Center for Sex and Culture Library & Archive was born from, and is sustained by, donated collections of books, magazines, journals, zines, comics, dissertations, works of art, videos, memorabilia, and personal papers of key members of the community.

For information about last

years sale: The Center for Sex & Culture’s Spring Smut Sale: Own a Part of Our Sexual History written for the The SF Weekly by Alexis Coe

Fairoaks Project: Photographs by Frank Melleno, A Rare Look inside a SF Gay Bathhouse in 1978, Curated by Gary Freeman

Frank Melleno’s Polaroid photography captured an extraordinary glimpse into pre-AIDS gay sexual culture. Melleno was part-owner and night manager of The Fairoaks Hotel, a unique San Francisco bathhouse operating from 1977 to 1979.  His candid images are remarkable, documenting the social and sexual behavior with celebration and no apology.

 The Fairoaks was owned and operated by a gay commune, lending a co

unter-culture approach to the establishment. There were monthly theme parties including costume and “Open Door” parties, when room doors would be removed from hinges.  Many images contain nudity and erotic scenes.

The restored images, known as The Fairoaks Project, were well received at Los Angeles venues Highways and drkrm/Gallery. The Advocate and Lambda Literary have written articles on The Fairoaks Project.

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