Collecting Sex Materials for Libraries

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Directly from Scott Vieira and Michelle Martinez, assistant professors at Sam Houston State University- who are seeking participants for a survey concerning sex material in libraries. Please find the time to participate-

In an attempt to understand librarian and library staff attitudes towards collecting sexual materials for libraries, librarians Scott Vieira and Michelle Martinez, assistant professors at Sam Houston State University, are asking for survey participants and offering the chance to win one of four available $25 gift certificates to

All librarians and library staff from any type of library are encouraged to participate.

The survey, “Collecting Sex Materials for Libraries: An Opinion Survey,” takes anywhere from between 25-40 minutes depending on reading speed, and consists of 49 questions. We’re looking for opinions on how librarians and library staff members feel about things such as 50 Shades of Gray, Hustler, gay erotica, and other items that are often considered contentious.

Participants’ privacy will be kept and personal information is not required unless the participant wants to register for the drawing. Any personal information will be deleted once the drawing has been held within one week at the closing of the survey. Participants will be emailed the gift certificate.

Participation in the survey is strictly voluntary. Participants can exit the survey at any time without penalty.

By consenting to participate through accessing and submitting the survey, you authorize the use of your data to be compiled for possible articles, without any personally identifying information as may have been submitted for the prize drawing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Scott Vieira at 936-294-3743 or or Michelle Martinez at 936-294-1629 or

Or by mail:

Attn: Scott Vieira or Michelle Martinez, SHSU Box 2179, Huntsville, TX 77341

Scott Vieira

Assistant Professor &

Electronic Resources Librarian

Michelle M. Martínez

Assistant Professor & Reference Librarian

This survey complies with Sam Houston State University’s Internal Review Board’s protocol 2012-10-726. 

The BIG PICTURE Colorado

Top by Aëla Labbé. Bottom by Ed Ross

Two images of mine, including the recognizable, PLUG,  is being blown up!

The BIG PICTURE Colorado, running through March through April 2013, is a world wide street art celebrations c0-hosted by Art-Plant, a Denver based non-profit whose mission is to foster growth in the creative community, and Artwork Network’s mission is to create opportunities for art by developing a network of artists, galleries, businesses, designers and collectors.

The show will feature grand scale contemporary photography exposing the possibility of images as art via email instantly exchanged globally and blown up to large mural proportions. Images gathered from photographers around the world will be expanded as large Xerox prints and displayed inside galleries as well as posted in approved outdoor locations throughout the city of Denver and sister cities around the globe.

The Open Call to submit to the BIG PICTURE has been extended to March 15th.

Later in the month, March 30th ~ 12-5PM,  there will be a BIG PICTURE Celebration  at the “Open Air Gallery ,” behind City O City for amazing images refreshment and music. 206 East 13th Avenue Denver, CO 80203.

The BIG PICTURE on Facebook 

Ed Ross 

PLUG by Anissa Malady

Bookish Beast: Comic & Zine Fest, Open Call


With Wondercon not in San Francisco this year there is not great comics events happening in April. Wouldn’t be great to have a l

ocal comics event that was a s uniques as San Francisco? The Center for Sex & Culture is a fantastic multi-use space that is perfect for a small gathering of local artists whose works need to be celebrated for their stance outside the


Bookish Beasts is a one day zine fest for the creators of art, books and comics featuring sex, sexuality, gender and erotica. We want to give you the opportunity to exhibit your works, and connect with local readers who love and collect adult material.

This is a not for profit event that is free to the public, Although as we live to support local artist we will  need some help from you t make this happen. We are asking for $20 to split an 8′ table with chairs. You will be responsible for cashiering your own sales and all profits are your own. The CSC has enough chars but will need to rent tables and promote the event. If this sounds like a great event that you want to get involved with please confirm right away.

The event is one day. April 14th from noon to 6PM. There will some presentations and workshops following. Please let us
CSC provides judgement-free educations, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectra; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and incoming issues of public policy health. Please consider donating copies of your work to the library and helping spread the word about this great resource. All of the CSC Library books are searchable though Goodreads and CSC’s Zineography, along with their growing zine catalog/database, which is currently being cataloged.know if you are interested in participating or would like to propose a workshop or presentation.

We look forward to hearing from you,

If interested in participating or for more information contact us-


Jon Macy

Dorian Katz, CSC Curator

Anissa Malady, CSC Librarian 

Tess McCarthy, CSC Archivist

Bookish beasts back