An Open Letter from Henry Miller Memorial Library Big Sur, California

Help Save the Henry Miller Memorial Library – taken directly from the Henry Miller Memorial Library website.

Dear Friend of the Henry Miller Memorial Library,

This is a plea for help. We need to upgrade our facilities to create a sustainable Library and it’ll cost much more than we have in our savings.

We need to raise $140,000.00 by the fall of this year!

We’ll kick-off this campaign with a mind-blowing benefit concert: Philip Glass and Joanna Newsom, together onstage (!) at the Warfield in San Francisco on June 25th.

Plus, we’re offering a host of incredible rewards for your generous tax-deductible donation.

In 1981, Emil White founded the Henry Miller Memorial Library in honor of his friend Henry Miller. Three decades later, thanks to the help of countless artists, musicians, and supporters such as yourself, this sleepy place has become awe-inspiring.

But the Library as we know it is in jeopardy. We need to modernize our water system and improve our bathroom facilities to meet federally-mandated health and safety requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Failure to comply with these regulations will force us to suspend the types of gatherings you’ve come to love: internationally renowned musicians and artists, our international short film screening series, the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival – the list goes on.

The renovation plans have been filed and pending approval; construction will begin this fall.  You can rest assured that the impact of your donation will be immediate and meaningful: it will ensure the long-term survival of the Library.

But there’s also a more tangible benefit, we are providing a host of rewards based on your level of donation. These rewards include tickets for up to five events, and an invitation to the end-of-the-season donor appreciation celebration, books, shirts, and much more.

One last thing: this is the first “official” capital improvement fundraising request we have sent – ever.  This is no coincidence.  The Library’s funding model is unique: we subsist thanks to book sales, event-related income, daily donations, and small grants. For over 30 years, it’s worked very well, until now.

Yet it is precisely the nature of this challenge that speaks to the incredible support we’ve enjoyed throughout the years: we’ve outgrown our facilities, and it’s simply time for the next chapter – one that is sustainable, compliant, and will improve the experience for every bewildered or starry-eyed visitor who steps through our gates.

If you like more detail about our capital improvements please go to our website and/or call (831-667-2574) anytime – best of course is if you stop in!

Please join us as we embark on this next chapter.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Magnus Toren

Executive Director
Henry Miller Memorial Library

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