ARTstor was created in the late 90s to address the oncoming need to have a shared digital image database for scholarly use. The database, which is only accessible through educational institutes, hosts more than one million images for use by scholars, researchers, students, curators, museumologists and those in the field of education. The site was specifically developed to transform art related teaching. By the Summer of 2004 ARTstor went live with their digital imaging database and has grown ever since meeting the the needs of education and scholarship.

  • educational institution database only
  • founded with the help of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Images data base featuring- art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences
  • utilizes tools to aid- view, present, and manage images for research and teaching purposes
  • NOT available through public libraries

ARTstory is in constant motion, adding to their collection through contributions via the art world community. They maintain a high quality of standards in what is displayed and update with higher quality images when they become available. ARTstor reaches out to users through the use of several social networks, with an RSS feed, a blog, newsletters/email list serve, facebook, and youtube. These service are utilized for a number of reasons, such as tutorial, new tools and features, and most importantly to announce when new collection has been contributed to the database.

RSS feed for ARTstor
ARTstor Blog
Search Tips for ARTstor
ARTstor Cheat Sheet (not affiliated w/ARTstor)
Contribution Information
Reports and Publications
Magnum Photos


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