Art Libraries Society of North America

The Art Libraries Society of North America was founded in 1972 as a way to better communicate and cooperate among art librarians. Their objective was to provide a forum for ideas, projects and specialty programs.ARLIS/NA addresses the needs of art libraries and information professionals, by supporting the advancement of the profession, pursuing partnerships with other organizations, higher education organizations, and international forums. They strive for a collaborative infrastructure, which is welcoming to all members of society and promotes a multiplicity of viewpoints and perspectives.

Mission Statement:

The mission of ARLIS/NA is to foster excellence in art and design librarianship and image management. We achieve this mission through our many activities, such as:

  1. Meeting, networking, and sharing ideas in person at annual conferences
  2. Publishing substantive articles of a practical as well as scholarly nature through our many publications, such as Art Documentation, Occasional Papers, and other Online Publications
  3. Providing a forum for professional communication, via their listserv and web site.
  4. Reaching out to future art librarians through numerous scholarship awards.
  5. Recognizing excellence in the field through awards for research, service, and publication.


Nearly 1,000 members and growing, including the fields of architecture and art libraries, visual resource professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, and others interested in the visual arts information. Membership is open to all and can be done online

Membership Type

Individuals – $120

Introductory$90 (1 year limit)


Students$50 (three year limit)

Institutional/Business Affiliate – $190

Membership Privileges

Opportunity for participation with fellow professionals

Divisions, sections and Round Tabels

Regional Chapters

Moderated online discussion group via ARLIS-L

Awards and Honors

Various Publications: many available on website

Annual Conference

Advocacy and Collaboration



Internship Roster

How to Subscribe to ARLIS/NA ListServe

  • Send an e-mail message to with the subject line blank. In the body of your message, type ONLY the following (no signature): SUBSCRIBE ARLIS-L YOUR NAME (substituting your own name).


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