American Theological Library Association (ATLA)

Established in 1946, the ATLA is a professional association of more than 1,000 individual, institutional, and affiliate members providing programs, products, and services in support of theological and religious studies libraries and librarians. ATLA’s promotes their open membership, representing many religious traditions and denominations.

Mission Statement: is to foster the study of theology and religion by enhancing the development of theological and religious libraries and librarianship. In pursuit of this mission, the Association undertakes

  1. To foster the professional grwoth of its members, and to enhance their ability to serve their constituencies as administrator and librarians;
  2. To advance the profession of thological librarianship, and to assist theological librarians in defining and interpreting the proper role and function of libraries in theological education;
  3. To promote quality libray and information services in support of teaching, learning, and research in thology, religion, and related disciplines and to create such tools and aids (including publicatioin) as may be helpful in accomlishing this; (and)
  4. To stimulate purposeful collaboration among librarians of theological libraries and religious studies collections; and to develop proframmatic solutions to informationa-related problems common to those librarians and collections

Memberships Type
International Institutional

Member Privileges
Annual Conference
Awards, Grants, and Scholarship
Collaborative Projects: OCLC WorldCat
Division and Committees
Job Openings
Librarians’ Tools: Articles, Reference Services, Reference Technical Services
Member Directories
Membership Application
Professional Development

Product and Services
Online Databases
Subscription Databases
Publishing Partnership Databases: Old and New Testaments
Member Publications


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